MOFFAT Announces Washtech’s X-Type Range

MOFFAT Announces Washtech’s X-Type Range
31/05/2024 Moffat Marketing
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Moffat proudly presents the upgraded Washtech X-type range.

Washtech have carefully listened to their customers, resulting in the new X-type range featuring specific enhancements in crucial aspects, enhancing their versatility and usability even further.

The latest enhancements include:

  • Hands-free drain system: Our new drain sump and heavy-duty stainless-steel filtration replaces the old plastic upstand plug and raised filters.
  • Enhanced hybrid controls: Our hybrid controls now feature upgraded temperature management capabilities. Despite these enhancements, they remain user-friendly, serviceable, and exceptionally durable, thanks to the IP65 rated stainless steel switches.
  • Model-specific enhancements: The XG now features a second glasswashing cycle for added convenience. The XV remains compatible with 450mm racks while becoming even more compact. Meanwhile, the XP offers flexible fitting options for bench gaps ranging from 595mm to 640mm. In addition, the XL features a drain pump for easier and versatile installations.

Beyond these improvements Washtech has retained features that have consistently performed well, including the durable wash pumps, low maintenance rinse systems and heavy-duty stainless-steel manifolds, which have all proven reliability in the previous model passthroughs.

As a result, the new X-type range of glasswashers and dishwashers offers exceptional value for money over the machine’s lifespan. It provides versatile solutions for small bars with limited space as well as high-volume restaurants requiring a high capacity passthrough dishwasher.

Michael Brent, Managing Director of Washtech and David Emberton, Product Manager of Washtech share their insights into current dishwasher trends, emphasising that ease-of-use, clever integration of new technology, and total lifetime costs are critical factors for end-users in selecting the right dishwasher for their commercial kitchen.

A particular factor often overlooked is the total lifetime cost, whereby trying to save a few hundred upfront ultimately cost businesses thousands of dollars over the total life of the dishwasher.

This is where the Washtech X-Type range excels. By focusing on simple yet efficient wash and rinse systems instead of unnecessary features, customers can achieve a balance between a great price and efficient operating costs, along with extended operating life and reasonable servicing costs. By building machines with Washtesh’s “Simply No Nonsense” philosophy, customers are only paying for staff and operation needs, without the unnecessary features.

Dishwashing Simplicity with Washtech’s X-type

Established is 1981, Washtech has spent 42 years refining their electro-mechanical style dishwashers. It is through the culmination of such hard work that has resulted in the upgraded Hybrid controls in the new X-type range – an operating system that is highly reliable, easy-to-use, and very simple and cost effective to service.

David Emberton, Product Manager of Washtech, emphasises that the X-type range stands out from competitors due to its comprehensive value offering. He notes that the enhancements made to the X-type range are aimed at prolonging the product life, focusing largely on feature targeted improvements deemed necessary and preserving features and components that are already proven to work efficiently and effectively.

X-Type Range Updates

After a decade of refinement, Washtech is ready to standardise across the whole range its hands-free drain system, which has previously been used only in the Premium dishwasher range. Moreover, contrary to other brands that rely on plastic filters, the X-type range now features heavy-duty stainless-steel filtration to increase the durability of the wash and drainage systems at the same time, keeping in line with the “Simply No Nonsense” philosophy.

Undercounter Glasswasher

XG – The XG is a proven value for money undercounter Glasswasher and is well known of having the lowest water use per cycle of any in this category. Along with the new features of the X-type range, the the XG now offers a 1- and 2-minute wash cycle. XG is ideal for pubs and venues that just want to wash glasses economically every time.

Undercounter Dishwashers

XV – The compact XV is now even more compact measuring in at H780mm and W500mm while retaining compatibility with both 365mm and 450mm racks. While the industry standard remains at 365mm glass racks, Washtech pioneers it’s innovation by accommodating 450mm racks which are ideal for dishwashing of <230mm plates. Ultimately, the machine offers the versatility to slide into tight spaces but has greater capacity each load, than most of its <500mm rack competitors.

XU – Like the XV, the XU now features independent wash and rinse arms along with powerful 0.5HP wash pumps. This ensures superior spray patterns, resulting in improved wash outcomes. Both the XV and XU are excellent solutions for a wide range of businesses, including bars, cafes, childcare facilities, aged care centres, and more.

Passthrough Dishwashers

XP – The key feature of the upgraded XP is its compatibility with bench gaps of 595mm, 618mm, and 640mm, ensuring minimal bench modifications are needed when replacing a different model. Traditional passthroughs used a 600mm gap, while most new European units require a 615 to 640mm gap. Additionally, this new model can be connected to 1p/25A, 1p/15A, and 3p/15A power supplies, using less than 8kW max load for any configuration.

As per its old model, the new XP retains the heavy-duty stainless-steel wash manifold, the powerful 1.0HP wash pump, 60, 120, and 180-second dishwashing cycles, and a low-maintenance rinse system using just 2.2L per cycle. This makes the XP an optimal solution for busy cafes and restaurants.

XL – Larger and more powerful than the XP series, the XL is designed for busy restaurants, cafes and QSRs that need to power through the dishes and kitchenware.

At the core of this system is the oversized stainless-steel wash manifold paired with a 1.5HP wash pump, independent stainless-steel arms, and an oversized wash chamber. It is suitable for washing everything from plates and cutlery to up to five 1/1GN pans per cycle. The XL maintains its proven fast cycle times of 40, 60, and 90 seconds, with water consumption of just 2.2L per cycle. This makes for a passthrough that is, ‘Simply No Nonsense’.

“Our focus in the development of the new X-Type range has been the continuous improvement of our strong legacy platforms based on feedback from customers, local service agents and equipment dealers across Australasia.” Michael Brent, Managing Director of Washtech states. “We haven’t tried to reinvent the range, load the machines with fancy features, or been prepared to compromise on reliability and durability of the construction or componentry. The net result is strong, simple, no-nonsense machines that will provide great value glasswashing and dishwashing, day after day, year after year.”

David Emberton, Product Manager of Washtech states. “If you want to wash dishes economically with a great result, Washtech’s X Type is where you start. Washtech is genuinely built for the Australian market because we have taken the feedback we receive and listen to our customer’s needs.”

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