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  • Turbofan Bolt

    Turbofan Bolt – with great power comes great irresistibility

    Introducing the two Turbofan Bolt E33 convection ovens. They’re versatile, powerful and cost-effective with exceptional productivity, incredibly valuable to the modern commercial…

  • A Convotherm combi-steamer will cook these traditional dumplings perfectly.

    How to cook steamed dumplings in a Convotherm

    Learn how to make these traditional Chinese dumplings for your restaurant's menu using a Convotherm combi-steamer oven. They're popular and…

  • Dubai Gulfood Show 2

    Dubai Gulfood Exhibition Show 2016

    Gulfood is the largest foodservice exhibition held each year in February and is an international event which draws visitors and…

  • Turbofan can help you bake delicious goods efficiently.

    Heating up your kitchen with Turbofan

    A restaurant kitchen is very fast-paced and can be heated at times. Get a commercial Turbofan convection oven today to…

  • Have your cheesecake ready to serve in a fraction of the time with a Friginox blast chiller.

    The quickest no-bake cheesecake recipe with Friginox

    Learn how a Friginox blast chiller will help you bake a cheesecake in record time! It sets your dessert at the…

  • Convotherm Infographic 2

    Which combi-steamer is right for you?

    Whether you are serving in a small A-la Carte operation (10 – 25 patrons/hr), a general kitchen (25 – 50…

  • All forms of pasta can be cooked in Waldorf Pasta Cookers.

    What are the benefits of a world-class pasta cooker?

    Because pasta is so popular in Australia right now, it makes good sense to have a quality pasta cooker in…

  • Friginox can help you to chill fish at the correct temperature for safe eating.

    How can Friginox products help with food safety standards?

    Learn how a Friginox commercial blast chiller or freezer can help you keep to the guidelines of Australian food health…

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