• Find out how the KODIAK mixer can help you.

    Varimixer Bear: 100 years on and as strong as ever

    Discover the benefits of BEAR's latest commercial kitchen mixer: KODIAK. Find out how it can transform your space and what the…

  • Turbofan Convection Oven perfectly bakes biscuits evenly every time!

    Turbofan Convection Oven: Anzac Day Biscuits

    Anzac Biscuits Serves 24 Turbofan Convection Ovens make it easy to bake up classic Anzac biscuits. Baking in the Turbofan…

  • Looking from the inside out – the reliability of Turbofan ovens can make the difference in any kitchen

    There are lots of reasons to love Turbofan convection ovens, but if we had to pick one as the most…

  • Whatever you're baking, Tagliavini ovens can make it better.

    The Tagliavini recipe for your bakery

    Baking has been around for centuries, and for any business looking to grab themselves a slice of legendary quality, Tagliavini…

  • turbofan combi

    In Our 40’s – New Turbofan 40 Series Combi Steamer Range

    The Turbofan’s consistent performance, compact footprint and many innovative features have been hugely popular in recent years. Now, with the…

  • RONDO Dough Sheeters

    Create Quality Baked Goods with Dough Sheeters

    Pastries are both visually pleasing with interesting shapes, colours and textures, as well as mouth-wateringly appealing to the taste buds.…

  • At Dolcettini every dish served is evidence of the passion, dedication and absolute skill of Head Chef Francesco Gulisano and his wife Bianca, who runs front-of-house.


    From humble beginnings with a small commercial oven for their desserts they now enjoy a variety of first-class kitchen equipment.

  • In Canterbury Divine Cakes and Desserts has become a sweet sensation.

    The Sweet Centre

    The Divine Cakes bake house supplies both the company’s four stores and a thriving wholesale business.

  • With the right bakery equipment, your pies will come out golden every time.

    Try these unique pies to add pizzazz to your bakery lineup

    After you have invested in quality bakery equipment, you will need to craft pies that make your business stand out.…

  • Stone Ground Bakery on Sydney’s north shore continues to bring the greatest things from unsliced bread.

    Baking in the blood

    The Frelingos installed a wide range of Moffat equipment including products from Tagliavini, Sottoriva, Washtech, Waldorf and Paramount.

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