Archive for May, 2016

  • The Cobra range of kitchen appliances are right at home in a small to medium-size kitchen.

    Why should you consider Cobra equipment for your commercial kitchen?

    If you're the proprietor of a small to mid-size restaurant or cafe, you should consider equipping your commercial kitchen with…

  • Smoke up a storm with Convotherm.

    Heat, steam and smoke: The Convotherm is one versatile oven

    The Convotherm combi-steamer has taken over commercial kitchens worldwide, and now it's bringing a little bit of smokey spice to…

  • The Turbofan range are master bakers!

    Which kinds of products can be cooked in the Turbofan E33D5 and E33T5?

    The Turbofan family of convection ovens are some of the best in the business. The E33D5 and E33T5 are two of…

  • Smoking Food with Convotherm

    Consistent Smoke Infused Cuisine with Convotherm

    The chill of winter has begun to set in and with it, the longing for comforting slow-cooked cuisine. As well…

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