Archive for February, 2018

  • The fast food industry is getting 15 times faster with Merrychef speed ovens.

    Expanding your menu using Merrychef high speed cook ovens

    It's important that even the smallest of cafes or takeaway shops diversify their menus from time to time, otherwise they…

  • Scotsman ice machine

    Moffat Welcomes Scotsman

    Moffat Australia is proud to announce the exciting new partnership as the exclusive distribution partner for Scotsman ice machine brand…

  • Improving commercial refrigeration systems before the hot Australian summer gets into full swing is essential!

    Improving commercial refrigeration in the summer with Moffat

    Improving commercial refrigeration could dually improve your summer energy bills. Here are some tips on how to make your summer…

  • Check out the 2018 food trends that your commercial kitchen should be prepared for!

    Moffat’s products to enhance 2018 cooking trends in Australia

    The New Year is coming, and with it 2018 food trends! Let's explore those we're looking forward to most and…

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