Archive for July, 2016

  • Washtech Passthrough Dishwashers

    Sustainability: How Washtech saves water and your wallet

    Sustainability in the kitchen is crucial. Invest in an efficient Washtech dishwasher to save more on your operating cost and the…

  • Dahl is the perfect spicy meal for winter.

    Cooking dahl in a Metos kettle

    When it comes to the perfect winter dish, nothing can beat dahl. For the best, make it with a kettle…

  • 5 Ways a Blast Chiller/Freezer Can Save You Money

    The hospitality industry operates with incredibly tight margins, and as a chef, manager or owner, it’s important to continually identify…

  • Australian's love their pasta.

    Satisfy the people with a Waldorf pasta cooker

    Australians love pasta, but cooking large volumes and multiple types can be a challenge for any kitchen. A Waldorf pasta…

  • Dishwashing Solutions

    Efficient and Ergonomic Dishwashing Solutions

    Moffat supplied Latrobe Hospital with a new dishwashing system which has brought efficiency and ergonomics to the washing up process.…

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