Wexiodisk Commercial Passthrough Dishwasher – Eco Flow Technology

Wexiodisk Commercial Passthrough Dishwasher – Eco Flow Technology
20/05/2022 Moffat Marketing

Wexiodisk understands the importance of clean water.

Unfortunately, one in eight of the world’s population does not have access to clean water. That is why, Wexiodisk has developed a range of dishwashing solutions surrounding one philosophy: to create the world’s best dishwashers for our people and our environment.

Wexiodisk is a Swedish company founded in 1972 focused on becoming the main commercial dishwashing solution for the hospitality industry around the world. They invest significantly in product development to maintain and progress with the competitive market. Providing quality and reliable products to their customers.

Wexiodisk has always recognised the importance of our environment which led to various environmentally friendly features like the DUPLUS technology and ECO-FLOW that come with the passthrough dishwasher.


  • Unique hood designed for steam to escape at the back of the machine
  • As the energy is reused, the need for ventilation is considerably reduced.
  • Energy saving design that improves the working environment
  • The energy from the previous wash is reused for the next wash cycle.
  • Air is blown into the dishwasher during the wash cycle for faster and more efficient drying.
  • Efficient sound and heat insulation contribute to a better working environment


  • Only uses 1 litre of freshwater per cycle without compromising on the wash.
  • It recirculates the water from the previous washing cycle in the first rinsing phase.
  • The machine uses hot water at 85-90°C during the second rinsing phase to achieve rapid sanitisation.
  • It reduces water, chemicals and electricity consumption
  • Includes an anti-clogging filter to prevent the recirculated final rinse nozzles being blocked.

These two features can be found in Wexiodisk’s latest products WD6 DUPLUS and WD7 DUPLUS. To find out more please contact Moffat today to book yourself in for a demo.

These are highly recommended features that provide a great clean and help reduce water and electricity costs. We understand they might not be for all venues. Hence, there is always an option to turn them off. Or simply choose the basic version of these passthrough dishwashers, WD-6 and WD-7.

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