Compact glassware cleaning with Washtech XG

Compact glassware cleaning with Washtech XG
18/07/2019 Moffat Marketing

In small kitchens such as bars and pubs, it’s essential to incorporate equipment that’s both economical and compact. Here’s where the Washtech XG Economy Undercounter Glasswasher stands out as one of the best solutions for kitchens tight in space.

Petite but powerful

Don’t be fooled by the size of the Washtech XG Economy Undercounter Glasswasher. With the small footprint of only 440mm, it suits a 365mm wire rack for your glassware. This compact commercial glasswasher has a washing capacity of up to 540 glasses per hour. The 290 degrees door opening, means tall glasses or carafes can easily fit in the chamber. It is a petite but reliable glasswasher as it doesn’t take up too much floor space, nor sacrifice cleaning capacity.

The simple to use hybrid controls with a customisable electronic timer means saving time on training your staff to operate this glasswasher. A 60-second Quickstart wash cycle begins with a simple press of a button, resulting in a high-quality wash every time. This cleaning quality is a result of precision moulded jets and rinses arms, targeting glassware with enough pressure to remove residue and dirt, without causing damage or cracks

Despite the speed of the cleaning, water isn’t wasted in the Washtech XG Economy Undercounter Glasswasher. With low hot water consumption of 1.5-litres per cycle, it will save your kitchen labour and money through the light operational cost.

Installing the Washtech XG Economy Undercounter Glasswasher is as simple as plug and play. There is no need to hire an expensive technician to get things up and running.

Every now and then the equipment will need serving at some stage. Backed by the Moffat 5-2-1 warranty, you and your team can have your inner peace knowing that your Washtech is supported by the Moffat service network nationally. This comprehensive plan covers it for up to five years on the cabinet, and for two years on the wash pump, with parts and labour warranty for the first year.


Moffat is dedicated to helping you and your team to find the most suitable commercial kitchens equipment for your needs. For more information on the world-class products that Moffat has on offer, get in touch with our expert team.

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