Reducing Operational Cost with the Washtech XG Glasswasher

Reducing Operational Cost with the Washtech XG Glasswasher
18/07/2019 Moffat Marketing

Compact and economical, the Washtech XG Economy Glasswasher is a fantastic addition to any small kitchens, especially those in bars and cafes. For the consumption conscious, this glasswasher truly meets the mark. Here is why?


Minimum consumption, maximum performance

Many Australian businesses are looking to reduce their environmental footprints, such as minimising both water and power wastage. With one of the industry’s lowest hot water consumption of 1.5 litres per wash cycle, this commercial glasswasher is a clear winner to save your operational cost. This is particularly important, as you’ll be spending less to power your glasswasher in the long run.

Though the Washtech XG Economy Glasswasher is light on operational costs, it is heavy duty when it comes to cleaning capabilities. Precision moulded jets and rinse arms allow for targeted cleaning, ensuring that all glassware receive a thorough, precise clean. This cleaning cycle is incredibly fast, too. The Quickstart glass washing cycle takes as little as 60 seconds, washing up to 540 glasses per hour. Making it the perfect candidate for bars and pubs or small business alike.

Installation with ease

Let the machine handles itself with a simple press of a button during the self-cleaning cycle at the end of a busy night. While your machine is draining during the rinsing cycle, it will automatically flush and rinses internally before the cycle ends. Making cleaning your Washtech XG Economy Glasswasher a breeze.

Install your own commercial glasswasher and get it started sooner than you think! Everything you required to get this going, is in the box! There is no need to head out and purchase extra hoses or hire technicians. Saving you time and money.

Have the peace of mind because the Washtech range is manufactured in New Zealand but built for the Australian conditions. They are watermark approved for backflow prevention and covered by the Moffat 5-2-1 warranty nationally by the Moffat service network.

For high-performance commercial kitchen equipment, look no further! For more information on what products are best suited for your kitchen, get in touch with our team.

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