What to expect at the Moffat Stand in Fine Food Australia 2018

What to expect at the Moffat Stand in Fine Food Australia 2018
27/08/2018 Moffat Marketing
Fine Food What to expect

Fine Food Australia has always been the highlight of the year for those in the foodservice, hospitality and food retail industries. The event is being held in the beautiful Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from September 10th to 13th this year.

Moffat is going to showcase a range of selective brands with live cooking demonstrations. You can explore different brands such as Convotherm, Turbofan, Merrychef, Scotsman, Aladdin Temp-Rite and SDX. Discover new menus or products from our Moffat Stand!

Find Moffat at HJ14 and HM26
Benefit your business with a Combi Steamer

What is a combi steamer and how your business is going to benefit

Designed for you, this session will reflect training on our Convotherm combi steamer. Come and find out more application possibilities from 11 am every day at the Fine Food exhibition.

• Smoking
• Sous-vide
• Proving
• Steaming – all temperatures
• Combi cooking
• Grilling, frying, baking, dehydrating

Smoking in the Convotherm 4

Using Convotherm 4 to smoke your dishes in the Advanced Closed System

Designed for you, this session will demonstrate how to use Convotherm to smoke your dishes and introduce this element into your business. Come and find out more from 2:30 pm during the Fine Food exhibition.

• How does it work?
• What type of smoking can be done?
• What are the benefits of smoking in the Advanced Closed System?
• How to seamlessly add the smoking element to your dishes/ business?

Moffat IQ - a new way to solve your problems

Designed for you, Moffat IQ will demonstrate cooking modes on different brands, such as Turbofan and Merrychef; Along with food items across all mentioned sectors.

Come and find out more in our Moffat Stand HJ14 and HM26.

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