3 things to look out for in your commercial warewasher

3 things to look out for in your commercial warewasher
10/08/2018 Moffat Marketing


A high-performance warewasher is the backbone of any commercial kitchen. But which will work best?

There are four main types of commercial dishwasher that you can choose from:

Each of these will vary in capacity, power, water temperature and longevity. However, there are certain details you can focus on that will ensure your commercial dishwasher performs exactly as you need it to:

dishwasher_check_water_pressure1) Water pressure and hot/ cold water connection

Water pressure is critical for a commercial dishwasher’s performance. If too low, the dishwasher won’t fill up with water fast enough, which lengthens wash cycle time. If too high, the dishwasher’s valve will not open. In either situation, you lose time and cause potentially irreparable damage to the machine.

Industrial standards dictate that water pressure should be between 200 and 350 kilopascals (kPa). Ensure your commercial dishwasher sits in this range to avoid such problems.

Another problem that impacts commercial warewasher performance is your hot water connection. The ideal wash cycle in most commercial machines should be between one and two minutes, which means water must reach the right temperature rapidly.

Loose hot water connections impair this process, which results in poor cycle performance.


2) Cleaning jet maintenance requirementsWarewasher_Cleaning_Jet

In commercial environments, dishwashers will be in near-constant use during business hours. This is likely to result in food that gets caught in gaskets, causing blockages in your cleaning jets and reducing the effectiveness of your water circulation.

Your staff need to regularly perform visual checks on the cleaning jets, and you need strong maintenance protocols for clearing blockages efficiently.






how to prevent corrosion in your dishwashers

3) Water hardness

Hardness refers to the milligrams of Calcium Carbonate present in a litre of water. This will naturally build up over time, and negatively impacts commercial warewasher’s performance – as well as causing significant damage if left unchecked.

To ensure longevity in your commercial warewasher, you need a top quality water filter and scheduled maintenance from qualified technicians.

A poor warewasher installation is reflected in its performance over the long-term. If this goes wrong (or you don’t use certified professionals like Moffat’s 24/7 support team), it can be a costly disaster. More frequent maintenance, poor performance and even flooding can result from a botched installation.




How can you get the best out of your commercial warewasher?

The key to staying on top of these warewasher issues is working with qualified experts who can provide help exactly when and where you need it. At Moffat, we like our ongoing service to be even better than our top-notch warewashing machinery.

Set the right tone for your commercial kitchen. Lodge a service booking with us today, or check out Moffat IQ for expert advice.

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