The Tagliavini recipe for your bakery

The Tagliavini recipe for your bakery
04/11/2016 Moffat Marketing
Whatever you're baking, Tagliavini ovens can make it better.

In the world of commercial cooking and baking, quality reigns supreme. Many seemingly simple products have been refined over a period of centuries, and while one loaf of bread or cake may look similar to one from another business, we all know the difference between a well-made morsel and one that isn’t so flash.

The history of baking goes back a long way, and many of the greatest innovations and bakers honed their trade in Europe – especially countries like Italy where things like pastry are absolutely crucial to cuisine. For these master bakers, the tools of their trade are all-important, and for nearly 100 years, Tagliavini ovens have been an important piece of the puzzle. Today, of course, you can find commercial baking equipment from Tagliavini across the world, and with technology as good as their modular deck ovens, it’s not hard to see why.

Tagliavini was built on the proud tradition of brick-built, wood burning ovens.

The Tagliavini recipe

Founded in Parma, Italy, in 1934, Tagliavini was built on the proud tradition of brick-built, wood-burning ovens. Of course these earlier cooking devices had been around for hundreds of years – often on isolated farms where rural families or communities could bake their own bread. The trick was finding a way to make this process easier, safer and more efficient, while also retaining the freshness and quality of the end product.

Out of this task came the key philosophy of Tagliavini. Namely, an attention to the details that ensures every possible situation, use or cooking environment is accounted for. Coupled with an intense focus on only the highest levels of craftsmanship, Tagliavini ovens are some of the most powerful tools for any baker to have in their arsenal.

Tagliavini builds on the authentic flavour created by brick ovens.Tagliavini builds on the authentic flavour created by brick ovens.

Modular deck ovens

In the modern kitchen, there are a few more factors than just quality to take into account. While the food that comes out of your kitchen is still undoubtedly as important as it was back in 1934, contemporary chefs have a host of different areas that need to be considered when choosing which commercial baking equipment to use. With kitchen spaces getting smaller and technology getting better, the aim today for companies like Tagliavini is to provide as much power as possible in a convenient form factor with easy to use controls.  

That’s exactly what Tagliavini’s range of modular deck ovens provide – giving chefs and culinary businesses a unique and fully-featured unit that bestows a range of benefits on the user. The reason why these appliances are so different is their micro-processor controlled electric supply. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market, and it delivers perfect results time after time.

That’s not all though – the electrical supply also means more flexibility in terms of what can be baked, along with all the standard bonuses that you get with clean energy. These range from a clear conscience through to cost savings, and all play a part in making the oven a truly tremendous baking tool.

One aspect of baking that is becoming more and more important as technology gets better is ease of use. There’s no point having an immensely powerful unit if none of your staff can operate it, or if it isn’t suitable for a smaller business with lesser volume requirements. These sorts of factors have been taken into account with all Tagliavini ovens (again, by sweating the details), and the module simply needs to be placed on site and connected to power. No specialised filters required!

When combined with convenient electronic control, Tagliavini modular ovens are the perfect way for any bakery to recapture the spirit of artisan chefs from centuries of great food. For more information, get in touch with Moffat today.


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