Efficient and Ergonomic Dishwashing Solutions

Efficient and Ergonomic Dishwashing Solutions
06/07/2016 Moffat Marketing
Dishwashing Solutions

Moffat supplied Latrobe Hospital with a new dishwashing system which has brought efficiency and ergonomics to the washing up process. With a team of 60 staff making up to 1,000 meals per day, it makes for a lot of dishes to wash up! With a spot for everything, the hospital is thrilled with the Moffat solution.

Moffat provides advanced washing solutions incorporating Wexiodisk dishwashers and Rendisk dish handling and waste management equipment.

Wexiodisk Dishwashers

Wexiodisk has invested in the development of unique solutions to reduce the environmental impact and considerably lower operating costs. The Wexiodisk range includes under counter, pass-through dishwashers, tray dishwashers, flight type dishwashers, rack conveyors, trolley washers, combi dishwashers, and pot tray and cutlery washers. Some dishwashers consume a large amount of energy, water and chemicals so it makes sense to choose Wexiodisk.

Wexiodisk also focuses on providing ergonomically correct equipment. This includes easy to handle doors, wash arms that are easily cleaned and strainers at the infeed and outfeed that can be removed for easy emptying. The efficient sound and heat insulation also contributes to a comfortable working environment.

Rendisk Dish Handling Systems

Rendisk handling equipment facilitates the dishwashing processes to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible, whether it’s for a hospital, restaurant or school canteen, hotel or university. The Rendisk range offers a new generation of dish sorting systems with a focus on durability, ergonomics and efficiency. These innovative systems reduce the number of actions required in the dishwashing area to a bare minimum.

Disposing of organic waste is a costly, yet unavoidable event in the dishwashing process. Thanks to Rendisk’s professional waste management solutions, the cost is considerably reduced.

Rendisk’s waste management systems provide automated and hygienic processing of leftover food. The system shreds the waste and transports it via a vacuum to a temporary storage location. Rendisk has a variety of solutions to choose from, depending on the volume and available space. In some cases, the waste is reduced up to 80%, saving thousands on unnecessary disposal costs. Rendisk systems are flexible and can be easily integrated into existing facilities.

If you think you could benefit from an upgraded dishwashing system, get in contact with the Moffat team.

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