Precision washing with the UL/ UL-B Undercounter Dishwasher/ Glasswasher

Precision washing with the UL/ UL-B Undercounter Dishwasher/ Glasswasher
24/06/2019 Moffat Marketing

Serving countless patrons a night, bars and tavern require high performance equipment to keep up with the amount of dishes being used. This is where the Washtech premium range truly shines, effortlessly handling the demands of these kitchen environments.



Powerful cleaning with the UL/ UL-B model

Blending speed and precision, the Washtech UL or UL-B model, has the capacity to wash up to 1500 glasses or 1,080 plates per hour. Making it an ideal commercial cleaning solution for any bar or cafes.

Despite this power, the UL/ UL-B model takes a gentle approach to the cleaning process. A soft start function ensuring that dishes and glassware don’t crack or shatter easily. With Quickstart 1, 2, and 3 minute cycles, there’s plenty of flexibility for moments where you need clean glasses and dishes on the quick.

Visually, the Washtech UL/ UL-B Undercounter Dishwasher/ Glasswasher is a masterpiece. Choose from the striking high-gloss black finish as a unique touch for any kitchen. Or go for the classic stainless steel option to match your existing equipment.

Eco-friendly and efficient

The Washtech UL  or ULB model offers high-quality cleaning using precision jets from the robust stainless steel wash and rinse arms. Through meticulous, cleaning functions are economical with low hot water consumption of 2.4-litres per washing cycle.

The EcoPower mode greatly reduces energy use and temperatures when the machine isn’t in use. Reducing both the environmental impact of your business and saving money in the long run. As an added benefit, the Washtech UL/ UL-B models allows for polish-free solutions, where your glassware are shined while energy and water consumption are reduced up to 30%. Setting up this system is simple, only required a few extra items, such as a reverse osmosis unit and the RO balanced chemicals, all available through Moffat.

Installing your UL/ UL-B model is an incredibly straightforward process. Everything needed is included in the box, so there’s no need to hire technicians or seek alternative parts to set it up. Through QuikConnect installation, using your new dishwasher/ glasswasher is easy as plug and go!

To discuss which piece of the Washtech range is best suited for your commercial kitchen, get in touch with the team at Moffat for a friendly consultation.

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