Great wash for years to come with Washtech

Great wash for years to come with Washtech
20/06/2019 Moffat Marketing

For many areas of the food service industry, high customer turnover is of paramount importance. In order to keep up with the pace, commercial kitchens need warewashing solution that can handle a large volume of dishes, but operate quickly and efficiently, too. Caterers, restaurateurs and other foodservice operators, need not look further than the GM Undercounter Glasswasher/ Dishwasher.

Integrated ease and speed

When it comes to ease of use, the GM Undercounter Glasswasher is unparalleled. This model incorporates a myriad of intuitive electronic controls that provides washing solutions for outstanding dishwashing results every cycle, including:




  • Quiet cleaning and soft start
    The fully insulated door of the GM fosters a quiet cleaning process, while the soft start ensures glasses won’t get broken.
  • Stainless steel wash arms
    Incorporating both top and bottom stainless steel wash and rinse arms, the GM model ensures a thorough clean every time. Providing you spotless results from glasswares to dishes.
  • This glasswasher has a low hot water consumption of 2.2-litres per wash cycle, making it an incredibly economical option for your commercial cooking operation.
  • Double filtration system and low hot water consumption
    The GM model is integrated with a double filtration system that efficiently separating food waste during the cycle, saving you cleaning time. With low water consumption of only 2.2 litres per cycle making this compact model versatile and economical too.
  • Electronic controls
    A smart digital display on the GM Undercounter Glasswasher clearly shows the system status, such as wash cycles and temperatures, making HACCP reporting easier. With selectable cold rinse option, use quickstart for 1, 2 or 3 minute wash cycles based on how dirty the glasses or dishes are.

A major benefit of the GM Undercounter Glasswasher/Dishwasher is the speed and volume at which it cleans. It has the capacity to clean up to 960 glasses or 840 plates per hour.

No technician needed

There’s no need to hire extra help to install the GM Undercounter Glasswasher into your commercial cooking operation. Everything you needed is ready to use straight from the box!

What are you waiting for? To transform your commercial kitchen with high-quality Washtech equipment, get in touch with the team at Moffat for a friendly consultation.

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