NEW: Convotherm easyTouch now standard with a Disappearing Door

NEW: Convotherm easyTouch now standard with a Disappearing Door
27/02/2017 Moffat Marketing
New Disappearing Door ensures easy access to your cooking and a safer work environment

Our Convotherm 4 easyTouch Combi-Steamer Ovens now features a Disappearing Door which ensures easy access to your cooking and provides a safer working environment.

Advantages of the Convotherm Disappearing Door

1. Ideal for busy Commercial Kitchens

When space is tight around the commercial kitchen, you get the additional flexibility where staff can open the door and slide it along the side of the combi oven to create more space during busy times where staff need to walk back and forth during service.

Convotherm 4 EasyTouch with Disappearing Door2. Safety First

The disappearing door allows staff to safely move around your commercial kitchen and lowers the risk of accidental burns, spillages or food falling on the floor.

3. Easier Lifting

With better access to the oven, it’s also easier to lift out heavy or large trays of hot food. This also means staff are less likely to receive burns or accidentally drop food.

Why Chef’s love the Convotherm Combi:

 “The Convotherm electric 20.10 combination oven steamer is the most essential piece – runs 24 hours a day. We exploit every feature of the machine – especially the overnight cooking and power saving facilities. I just couldn’t live without it.” – The Waves has installed three Convotherm electric steamer ovens.
Craig Stelmack – The Waves Sports Club – Bundeberg, QLD.

 Easy to Use

The Convotherm is also a favourite with chefs’, as it’s easy to use, allows for pre-programming of recipes, safe overnight cooking without open flames,  and provides consistent results every time.

Advanced Closed System+

Once the door is closed the Convotherm is completely sealed. This results in faster cooking times, less energy and water usage. The advanced closed system is also makes it ideal for steaming and smoking.

Save time on Cleaning

The Convotherm 4 Combi Ovens also features a fully automatic Self Cleaning system which achieves optimum hygiene at the touch of a button – with no need to touch cleaning fluids.

 Versatile Cooking Functions

  1. Steam: precise steam cooking from 30C to 130C. Optimum results for vegetables, dough products and fish which retains vitamins and colour and minimises oxidation.
  2. Combi-Steam: from 30°C with automatic moisture regulation. The system remains closed throughout cooking. Retains the intrinsic moisture and flavours of the products.
  3. Convection: Crisp&Tasty mode keeps the moisture in products due to the closed system and you can adjust the crust and crispness to suit your requirements.
  4. Regeneration: you can regenerate your products precisely as though freshly cooked.

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