The cost effective Turbofan E33 convection ovens

The cost effective Turbofan E33 convection ovens
30/03/2023 Moffat Marketing

In the hospitality industry, operating your commercial kitchen as efficiently as possible is vital. With tight margins, there’s no room for your staff or your equipment to be underperforming.

Powerful, versatile and very cost-effective, the Turbofan E33 electric convection oven range has been carefully developed to increase productivity without increasing unnecessary expense.

Here are five key features of the Turbofan E33 convection ovens that make the range a cost-effective solution for your business:

1. Compact catering equipment – all of the space, but none of the waste

The first obvious capability for each is their size. Both the E33T5 and E33D5 have a compact 610mm wide footprint and deliver a substantial five 1/1 Gastronorm tray capacity with 85mm tray spacing. This means they offer a wider range of functionality – from a commercial cooking/baking oven to a multi-purpose convection oven.

2. Power and efficiency

It’s no secret that commercial kitchens are high-energy users, consuming roughly 2.5 times more energy per square metre than any other commercial space.

Adding to savings in space are reductions in energy use. The Turbofan E33 convection oven range now have two fan speeds, an improvement on the high-performing bi-directional reversing fan system, and with 5.8kW of heating power quality results can be achieved faster and more efficiently.

The two-speed fan also provides greater control. High speed provides the power of maximum heat penetration, low speed the precision (and limited energy output and costs) for more delicate products. The vitreous enamel oven chamber lining adds to this efficiency, with less work required from the motor to ensure the heat stays for longer.

3. Carefully regulated moisture control

The Turbofan E33 convection oven range has also been a welcome addition in many commercial kitchens thanks to its five-level moisture injection mode. Product shrinkage leads to minimal food loss, ensuring juicy succulent outcomes without any draining. Additionally, installation is quick and effortless.

4. Convection ovens – providing ease of use

Whether you choose digital or touch control, the Turbofan E33 convection oven takes the guesswork out of your day-to-day operation. Controls include manual and pre-programmed operating modes, individual shelf control, multi-stage cooking and an optional core temperature probe.

5. Pre-programmable cooking

The Turbofan E33T5 touchscreen model allows users to make the most of the convection oven’s functionality and pre-programming usability. The commercial oven’s icon-based menu allows for straightforward operation at the highest level, even for staff who undergo quick training. A USB port is also available as an option to upload menus – providing yet another reason for the success of the Turbofan E33 convection oven series.

The Turbofan E33D5 digital model features electronic time and temperature control for precision and accuracy with a digital display. Stored up to 20 cooking or baking programs with 3 stage cooking and stage end alarms so it will suit virtually any application.

If you’re seeking a reliable and versatile oven, the Turbofan convection oven range is the perfect solution. Click here to discover how to choose the best suitable Turbofan oven that meets your specific food service requirements. Or book a demo in one of our locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia to witness the Turbofan E33 convection oven in action.


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