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Let's talk about beef and how to chargrill

It’s a staple dish in many of our restaurants

We all know a thing or two about steak. So, when it comes to creating the perfect chargrilled steak, which commercial cooking equipment yields the tastiest results?

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waldorf blue seal chargrills

Have you met the maxx & maxx pro?

Which one is right for you?

Many chefs and cooks use commercial combi ovens to prep and cook food, but the maxx and maxx pro have been designed to take things to the next level – offering more functions and saving you even more time.

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have you met the maxx & maxx pro?

Welcoming the new MIMAC confectionery depositor range

The best bakery slutions since 1987

The MIMAC commercial confectionery depositor range provides efficiency and accuracy and creates a variety of cookies size and shapes by depositing dough through different templates and nozzles.

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mimac confectionery depositor