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Self-adapting intelligent chilling

Compactness and modularity

Friginox i-Chilling blast chillers / freezers are the only ones in the world to use a cooling air temperature automatically adapted to the product to be cooled.


When it comes to blast chilling or blast freezing fresh food, it is essential to control the process based on the type of food required chilling.

With the focus of maintaining natural food quality and integrity in mind, since 1982, Friginox has been developing a complete range of blast chilling and blast freezing solutions for the hospitality industry worldwide. Committed to develop advanced food safety management solutions that can safely extend product shelf lives while optimising energy efficiency, increasing businesses profit margins by reducing food waste, daily operation costs and energy consumption.
The new Friginox TS7 series range of blast chiller/freezers feature a large 7-inch intuitive large capacitive glass touch screen control panel that offers increased simplicity and accuracy to any kitchen operator. Easy to understand icons that assist navigation through a wide selection of cycles and data. Friginox is highly regarded for simplicity and with 40 user programs and multiple phases per cycle at your disposal, you can rest assured that fresh food will be chilled or frozen correctly every time. Operators and staff will enjoy easy access to 9 favourites of the last used cycles.
Different chilling and freezing modes as standard in the new TS7 series - Soft Chilling, Hard Chilling, Soft Freezing, Hard Freezing and Self Adaptive I-Chilling, it is easy to choose a suitable program to store food at the correct temperature. Additional modes that are now also available in the new models are ice-cream hardening, ventilated drying and raw fish sanitation, making the new series more comprehensive and equipped to face any challenges from a modern-day commercial kitchen.

Easy to use

User-friendliness is well acclaimed for the Friginox range as it has instinctual abilities to analyse the refrigeration process throughout the chilling / freezing cycle. The Friginox self-adaptive I-Chilling function removes the guesswork by gathering data from the multipoint core probe and adjusts the chilling cycle automatically. This helps extend the food's shelf life thus reducing food waste and cost. With the additional advantages of pre-set cycles and fully adjustable parameters, simply set the I-Chilling program and let it complete the tasks.
Friginox blast chillers reduce energy consumption with auto fan start when the door is closed and auto stop when the door is opened. Energy efficiency is maintained by injected polyurethane foam insulation at 60mm thick to provide excellent rigidity and durability. Friginox offers a large range of reach-in blast chiller/freezers, roll-in blast chillers or a combination blast chiller/freezers and built-in blast chilling refrigeration systems to suit all kinds of the commercial kitchen operation.

Prolonging Shelf Life and reduce food waste with blast freezing

Food waste has a huge impact on the environment and us. Blast freezing helps prolong the shelf life of food products by freezing them very quickly. The shorter the process took, the better the food integrity is preserved. See how fast the Friginox Blast Chiller reaches ice-cold temperatures of -30°C from room temperature below.

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We listen to our customers

Friginox has developed the new TS7 control panel to ensure ease of use by all staff. Friginox has the benefit of experience to ensure smart changes that create enormous operational benefits. The TS7 touch screen control is integrated into the door for easy reach, easy view and ease of use.
Robust door handle with extended length for improved ergonomics. A conveniently integrated door wedge holds the door ajar to aerate the cabinet when not in use. The vented front panel is easily removable to reduce cleaning time. Stainless steel for both internal and external surfaces and stainless feet ensure added durability and stability.
Friginox blast chillers should be an integral part of your commercial kitchen operation.
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