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Self-adapting intelligent chilling

Compactness and modularity

Friginox i-Chilling blast chillers / freezers are the only ones in the world to use a cooling air temperature automatically adapted to the product to be cooled.

With an unwavering commitment to maintaining natural food quality and assisting in the process of managing food safety, Friginox Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers create peace of mind that your food products are given the respect they deserve.

Established in 1973 in Villevallier, France, Friginox is on the leading edge of professional refrigeration equipment. The manufacturer of one of the first blast chillers in 1982, Friginox is now a leader in the foodservice industry offering a complete line of Blast Chilling and Blast Freezing solutions (reach-in and roll-in) for restaurants, caterers, bakeries, pastry shops and food production facilities.

Friginox constantly invests in Research and Development and uses high quality materials and advanced solutions to engineer hygiene, safety, productivity, innovation and dependability into their equipment to meet the demands of an ever-evolving, ever-increasing market place.

The new touch screen control panel range offers simplicity in use, which reduces the overall footprint to create more space and improves energy efficiency. The new, extended range ensures that a solution is available for a wider range of commercial kitchen applications.


Complete Control Time After Time

When blast chilling or blast freezing food products it is critical to have control of the process taking into consideration the product being chilled. The TS range provides exceptional flexibility in operation with Soft Chilling, Hard Chilling, Soft Freezing, Hard Freezing and Self Adaptive I-Chilling as standard on all models.

When selecting the exclusive Self Adaptive I-Chilling mode data gathered from the multi-point core probe automatically adjusts the chilling cycle and removes the guess work in operation. Simply set and forget as the I-Chilling program will make all the decisions for you with complete precision.  With the added advantage of operator adjustable temperature parameters foods can be chilled at the perfect temperature range to ensure food products meet food safety require with no fuss, time after time.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

There is nothing simpler than pressing a button and that is all it takes to replicate a blast chilling program on your Friginox refrigeration equipment. With 99 user programs at your disposal, you can rest assured your food products will be chilled the right way every time. For those popular programs that are used regularly, they can be easily found utilising the favourites key ensuring speed and efficiency in use.

Prolonging Shelf Life And Reduce Food Waste With Blast Freezing

Food waste has a huge impact on the environment and us. Blast freezing helps prolong the shelf life of food products by freezing them very quickly. The shorter the process took, the better the food integrity is preserved. See how fast the Friginox Blast Chiller reaches ice-cold temperatures of -30°C from room temperature below.

For more videos visit our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/moffatgroup.

It’s The Detail That Matters

A lot of time and energy is put into the production of every Friginox Blast Chiller and with years of experience comes smart subtle changes that create enormous operational benefits. Integrated touch screen control in-built onto the door for easy view and ease of use. Robust door handle with extended length for improved ergonomics.Integrated door wedge to hold the door ajar when not in use. Easily removable vented front panel reducing time when cleaning. Stainless steel feet for added stability. 60mm Polyurethane injected insulation for superior thermal retention and added noise reduction (80mm on roll-in models).

We look forward to Friginox being an integral part of your commercial kitchen operations very soon.