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Mimac Italia S.R.L had been providing the best bakery solutions tailored to the artisanal confectionary market confectionary depositors, Mimic's range of innovative designs ensures consistency and efficiency during bulk production for any artisan, semi-industrial and large-scale distribution bakeries.

The MIMAC commercial confectionery depositor range provides efficiency and accuracy during production by removing most of the manual labour associated with manufacturing sheets and repetitive bakery products. It helps boost your productivity levels and saves labouring and production costs by automating the production process with accuracy and consistency.
Both hopper and gear options are available in extended sizes to complement the original depositor. The benchtop BABYDROPMAXX models came in 21 and 24 litres hopper capacity, whereas the MAXIDROPPLUS models are 29 litres hopper capacity. For other specific capacity requirements for the MIMAC range, please contact our bakery team.

Different types of templates and nozzles 

The MIMAC commercial confectionery depositor creates a variety of cookies size and shapes by depositing dough through different templates and nozzles. The standard dosing group is ideal for cookies and bread, as the wire cutting frame will cut through the hard dough with precision. The stationary and rotary heads are best for semi-dense dough products, such as shortbread biscuits, petit fours, meringues, and macaroons. A simple nozzles change to the pump dosing group heads could expand its capabilities and produce creamy and soft dough products, such as sponge cakes/ biscuits and muffins.
From butter cookies, French macaroons to cream puffs, sponge cakes and many more, let your creativity flow with the wild selection of templates and nozzles available in the MIMAC range.

Innovative design features

The MIMAC team understand the needs of commercial baking and based their designs accordingly to optimise the process. 
The intuitive 7-inch touch-screen control panel gives you total control of the dropping speed, weight, size, height and shapes on your desire products. It is easy to program and operate with the icon-driven menu, which can store up to 200 recipes.
The movement of the automatic tray feeds carefully imitates the hand movement of a master confectioner, giving the illusion of craftmanship that requires years of practice to attain. The stainless-steel construction is durable and build to last in the cruelty of the commercial environment, but cleaning is a breeze at the end of a long day.

BABYDROP Confectionery Depositor

The space-saving design of the MIMAC BABYDROP depositor range is the ideal bakery solution for small confectionery producers or bakers, who are looking to increase variation in their product offerings in a small area. The hermetic dough processing head gives you more options in shape and size, as it allows both semi-liquid and hard dough processing. This machine might be small but its potential is limitless.
The BABYDROPMAXX_400MM has a 21 litres hopper capacity and takes in 400mm trays. The BABYDROPMAXX_450MM has a larger hopper capacity of 24 litres and it takes in 450mm trays.

MAXIDROP Confectionery Depositor

The MAXIDROP range is a free-standing cookie depositor perfect for manufacturing drops, swirls, and wire-cut cookies. It is robustly built with heavy-duty steel and aluminium construction and offers maximum performance and fit for the large production scale. <not too sure being too specific about the type of cookies is limiting to the range for this model>
The 2 MAXIDROP models available in the Moffat bakery equipment range, combine cutting-edge technology and superior design to help optimise your production process. Both units have a 29 litres hopper capacity. The MAXIDROPPLUS400-PKG takes in 400mm trays and MAXIDROPPLUS450-PKG takes in 450mm trays.

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