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Cobra Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Uncompromised performance

The Cobra Series is the solution for those who are seeking powerful and reliable commercial kitchen equipment.

cobra your style your way

Cobra has tomorrow in its sights

No Restraints. No Boundaries.

cobra has tomorrow in its sights

NO RESTRAINTS. NO BOUNDARIES. Cobra has tomorrow in its sight.

Powerful, the Cobra Series of commercial cooking equipment is the solution for those who demand reliability and capability. Simple sophistication shines by combining refined styling with power and versatility. Cobra creates space for the creativity to fuse ethnic influences with firm favourites to keep pace with the ever-change restaurant business.

Whether it’s a la carte dining in a sleek contemporary restaurant, fusion, Asian inspired dining, an edgy urban cafe, food trucks or any takeaway eatery - Cobra provides functionality and flexibility in your line-up.

New and improved.

A fresh and functional gallery of cooking products with refined robust controls, contemporary vitreous enamel colour control panel and heavy-duty construction - affordability is not compromised with Cobra.

An expansion of Western cooking appliances now includes new bench models for Cobra commercial cooktops and barbecues that are perfect for additional cooking flexibility to any existing commercial kitchens. Infuse fusion flavours with Cobra’s Asian cooking equipment and further extend your cooking line with our suite matching woks and stockpots - all backed by our ‘made in New Zealand’ robust and durable heritage.

New modular infill benches in various widths complement are suite matching to fit the modern modular cooking line perfectly.


Gas Cooktops / Gas Griddles

Available in both 600mm and 900mm, Cobra cooktops have been designed to meet every standard in busy kitchen demands. Renowned performance with 22MJ rated open burners and now with flame failure as standard (or pilot and flame failure as an option) gives any chef in the commercial kitchen the additional to keep the heat on.

Fitting a griddle to your cooktop allows an even greater degree of flexibility. Select your griddle width from 300mm to the entire cooktop surface to build your commercial gas griddle in the kitchen.

Gas Range Static Ovens

As the centrepiece of any kitchen, the oven range needs to be a durable, dependable and adaptable workhorse. With 600 and 900mm wide options, the Cobra static oven range has a generous gastronorm capacity (1/1 GN or 2/1 GN pans options) with high crown height - meaning this oven can consistently deliver any volume required.

The optional hob variations on top allow for a configuration between open burners and griddles to suit your specific needs.

Gas Barbecue

With powerful 33MJ cast iron burners, Cobra's range of gas barbecues are ideal to produce a branded finish for visual appeal and taste. Cobra barbecues come in 600 and 900mm widths with new bench model versions available. Floor standing models offer additional storage with an open cabinet base under.

Gas Waterless Woks

Manufactured in New Zealand Cobra woks delivers a robust, long-lasting surface thanks to a welded full-frame chassis construction with a double skin wok deck. These models do not require any water to cool the wok deck, increasing energy efficiency and reduction of steam.

All Cobra woks have a compact 800mm depths and available in 600, 1200 and 1800mm width in single wok burner, two or 3 wok hole options. Chef's have their level of choice in choosing their burner configuration - 95MJ/hr chimney burner or an impressive 105MJ/hr duckbill burner.

Gas Waterless Stockpot

Designed for maximum efficiency and minimum effort - Cobra stockpot is ergonomically designed at 600mm height allowing for stockpots up to 150L capacity. Pot filling is by way of a water laundry swivel arm located on the high splashback, ensuring safe pot clearance during use.

Single Pan Gas Noodle Cooker & Pasta Cooker

The Cobra noodle cooker and pasta cooker are built for speed. Fully modular, and featuring a unique stainless steel pan design, it comes well equipped for the continuous production of perfect noodle and pasta. With Moffat’s patented infrared burner system, it allows fast turnaround of products with minimal waiting for water to reach back to its optimum temperature.

Gas Salamander

Melting, grilling or toasting? Cobra salamander is the perfect choice - either placed on a bench or wall mounted to save some valuable working bench space. Available in 900mm, the CS9 model incorporates strong infrared burners offer far greater efficiency and performance when compared to standard blue flame systems.

Gas Griddle Toaster

The best of both worlds - a full 12mm thick griddle plate performance, plus the convenience benefit of a toasting compartment under. The Cobra griddle toaster range comes in 600mm or 900mm version and has additional storage space with an open cabinet base below.

Single Pan Gas Fryer

Cobra fryer has been carefully designed to deliver the highest level of performance with its impressive 90MJ burner system. The commercial deep fryer has an effective cool zone that delivers longer oil life, high efficiency and is easy to clean, it’s effortless to install with the benefit of two baskets and lid included as well as no assembly are required.

Modular Infill Benches

New modular infill benches by Cobra are suite matching to complete the full gallery cooking line. In 450, 600 and 900mm widths, Cobra infill benches are made in heavy-duty stainless steel and are flat packed for easy assembly.

To learn about how you can build your new commercial kitchen your style, your way - contact us to find out more.

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