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Manufactured in Italy, OEM provides a reliable and robust range of pizza equipment for over 40 years across over 80 countries internationally - with complete solutions to Artisan pizza outlets, casual restaurants or any business that are seeking to start and expand pizza products to their menu.
The passion for pizza spans to working closely with flour mills and the most important Italian and foreign pizza chef academies. OEM pizza equipment range is the most comprehensive on the market delivering a quality range through each individual stage from preparation to baking.
The OEM range of commercial pizza making equipment is comprised of:

Spiral Mixers

Available in various capacities from 20kg to 60 kg of finished dough, some spiral mixer models available in single phase execution. These efficient spiral mixers will quickly develop the optimal dough and provide consistent results mix after mix.

Dough Dividers and Rounders

Speed up your preparation process and prepare compact, even dough balls from 50 - 300 grams, at a production rate of 800 - 1200 dough balls per hour with these divider rounders. They offer excellent weight consistency while saving you money in the long run.

Hot presses

Prepare the perfect base, with or without flared edges, in diameters ranging from 33 – 50cm. The OEM heated moulding press for pizza bases can quickly and easily produce from 250 – 300 bases per hour, with the option to adjust the final thickness right down to just a few mm thick.

Pizza Ovens

Available from a small countertop commercial pizza oven to a large multi-chamber deck oven, through to conveyor oven both static and fan forced. With a comprehensive range to choose from, we have the perfect commercial pizza oven to bake every type of pizza in any size or shape, whether you want something simple and basic, traditional “Italian Style”, or an oven for high volume production.
Free in-house demonstrations are available at various Moffat branch locations. Join us for these events and see how you can build your own OEM pizza hub, and of course, enjoy some excellent pizza.

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