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Rotovent is the perfect marriage of high-level productivity and production flexibility.

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Tagliavini Electric Modular Deck Ovens

The modular deck oven range is unique in its category of modular ovens thanks to the new changes and advantages due to electric supply with electronic micro-processor control.

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Rotor Electric/Gas Rotating Rack Ovens

Baking is obtained through the circulation of clean and ventilated air, which is conveyed and distributed to the chamber by means of adjustable ducts.

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In February 2012, Moffat joined forces with one of Italy’s premium equipment manufacturers, Tagliavini, to offer Australian bakers an impressive new option when it comes to baking.

With over 90 years of experience in the industry, Tagliavini is a well-established Italian company that produces high-quality bakery ovens designed to meet the specific needs of bakers worldwide. Tagliavini exclusively uses the finest materials and exhibits meticulous craftsmanship in their manufacturing process. Such practices ensure their machinery is durable and reliable. Their commercial bakery range meets the ultimate standards, which makes them a great match to the Moffat brand.

Tagliavini, despite its traditional origins, remains focused on the future, consistently seeking out innovative techniques and technologies to enhance their craftsmanship and product efficiency. An example of this can be traced back to 1960 when Tagliavini was the only company manufacturing L-shaped tubing bakery ovens. This gave them a distinct advantage in terms of efficiency.

Tagliavini was an early adopter of electric setter ovens in 1985. Fast forward to 2015, the company has given their entire commercial bakery range a modern update with a clean, fresh design. Additionally, each unit now boasts an intuitive control panel for user convenience.

The Tagliavini commercial bakery equipment range includes modular deck ovens, and rotary rack ovens.


Tagliavini Rotor and Rotovent bakery oven range is the ultimate solution for artisanal and industrial bakeries.The rack oven range use a rotating rack system to ensure even baking and perfect results every time. The baking process relies on the circulation of well-ventilated and clean air. The Rotovent bakery ovens are known for their advanced airflow technology, which guarantees a uniform temperature distribution and rapid baking times. Both rack oven models offer versatility, reliability, and energy efficiency, making them an ideal choice for any bakery looking to enhance their production process and produce consistent, high-quality baked goods. Experience the superior performance of Tagliavini Rotor and Rotovent bakery ovens and take your bakery to the next level.

  • The baking is on trays, which are stored on a rotating trolley. The product to be baked is covered uniformly by the ventilated air, thus providing a perfect baking.
  • It is suitable for baking bread and pastries of different kinds and sizes.
  • It is compact: its overall dimensions are extremely limited when compared to its production capacity.
  • The oven can be gas-fired, gas-oil-fired or supplied with electric power.
  • The heat exchanger has been renewed in its structure and made stronger. Exploiting the horizontal air circulation, the oven has an important reduction of fuel/electricity consumption.



The Tagliavini Rotovent single rack rotating rack oven range combines the latest technology with Italian craftsmanship to deliver premium quality and exceptional performance.

Equipped with a rotating rack system, it offers uniform cooking temperatures and consistent baking results. The convection airflow system utilises 3 high-capacity fans, which ensure a rapid heat-up time and even baking. With an energy savings of 30% compared with other quality products on the market, making it energy efficient and ideal for the busy commercial bakery environment.
The intuitive touch-screen control panel allows for easy programming and precise temperature control, while the compact design saves space without compromising on functionality.

Made with high-quality materials, this oven is built to last and is reliable bakery equipment for any professional baker looking to enhance their baking experienc


The Tagliavini electric modular deck oven range is designed to satisfy the demanding needs of bakers who seek precision, versatility, and efficiency in their baking processes. 


With its advanced features such as precise temperature control, optimized energy consumption and user-friendly interface, Tagliavini's electric modular deck oven range is the perfect choice for commercial bakeries looking to elevate their performance and output. 


Despite it being designed to cater to a variety of pastries, buns and flat loaves, it is also equipped with a steam generator making it suitable for all bread types (ranging from 30g to 2kg) for small bakeries. 


Every chamber functions as an individual module, which has independent electronic check and power controls. The front and base are constructed of stainless steel and the baking chamber is fully insulated from the external coating. The two sets of high-quality metal-clad elements are custom-made for the ceiling and floor within the baking chamber. Each module can be supplied with an independent steam generator by request, which will be built into the module itself.

From small-scale artisan bakeries to large industrial facilities, Tagliavini's modular deck oven range offers a wide variety of customization options to meet the specific needs of different bakeries. Experience the power of precision baking with Tagliavini electric modular deck ovens.


As with many Moffat products, the modular range from Tagliavini has optional extras such as: 

  • Stainless steel cell complete with all optional extras
  • Tempered glass doors and ergonomic handles
  • Forced ventilation inside the cell for better heat and humidity distribution
  • Nine proofing programs can be stored with the possibility to set the temperature
  • Humidity and proofing time
  • Extractable stainless steel tray holder for 4 and 6 tray models
  • The hangers can be regulated depending on the product height

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