The one easy way to run a cost efficient bar in Australia

The one easy way to run a cost efficient bar in Australia
28/07/2017 Moffat Marketing

Starting a bar from scratch can take a lot of work and can cost an awful lot of money. There are many factors to think about including staffing, licences and, most importantly, sticking to budget.

Although bar owners will want to stay within their allocated start up costs, skipping corners on equipment or assets in a bid to keep expenditure down isn't an option and can result in higher charges down the line, such as maintenance.

Investing in the best equipment possible from the get go can improve on productivity and processes within your business. Below we explore how the Washtech glasswasher is a great addition in helping to run a cost efficient bar.

Invest, don't regret

A glasswasher is a vital piece of commercial equipment every bar needs. The Washtech UL-B and GL-B Premium  fully insulated undercounter glasswasher is a great cost and energy efficient option for those opening a bar in Australia. A copious amount of glassware is going to be utilised every hour and once returned, they will need to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly for another round of service.

Unlike other glasswashers, the Washtech UL-B and GL-B have a strong focus on reducing water consumption while still adhering to strict hygiene and sanitising regulations. Even on longer cycles, the powerful wash pumps only require 2.4 litres of hot water per cycle for highly effective cleaning, along with a lesser need for rewashing. The 500mm model can clean an impressive 1,500 glasses per hour, with the 450mm GL-B model allowing for 960.

Investing in the proper equipment from the get go is the key to success.Investing in the proper equipment from the get go is the key to success.

Made with style in mind

Not only are both the UL-B and GL-B glasswashers equipped with the latest technology like its precision designed and positioned wash jets, they are built to last and come with a 5-2-1 warranty. The copper rinse boilers allow for more durability in hard water conditions and the extra strong doors were manufactured to withstand wear and tear in a bar environment.

Unfortunately, glasswashers don't tend to be the most aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment in a bar environment – until now. Both the GL-B and UL-B boast a sleek, black design allowing it to slot effortlessly into any interior design plan to perfectly complement your individual style and flare. The full thermal and acoustic insulation provides a quieter operating environment to allow for a less disrupted service and atmosphere.

With so many fantastic attributes under such a trusted brand, the Washtech range of glasswashers make for an easy and cost effective choice when looking at which equipment is worth investing in when starting your own bar. Visit Moffat for more information both models and to see the full Washtech product range.

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