How can Friginox products help with food safety standards?

How can Friginox products help with food safety standards?
10/03/2016 Moffat Marketing
Friginox can help you to chill fish at the correct temperature for safe eating.

Friginox products, part of the blast chiller and freezer commercial kitchen equipment range offered by Moffat, are extremely handy to have for any food business, speeding up preparation times of meals and maximising your space.

They’re combi-compatible, so this means they are stackable with combi-steamer ovens for convenience. You can take hot food and put it directly into the blast chiller or freezer, depending on the state in which you’d like to preserve your food. This means that there is less time spent carrying hot, scalding food from one end of the kitchen to another, which can be disastrous during busy hours.

They can also fit up to six large trays – imagine all the free bench space you can use for more pressing matters at hand, rather than to leave food out to cool?

One thing that we’ve yet to cover are the health benefits that a Friginox blast product can bring -complying with work health and safety standards and food hygiene means you’re less likely to bring any detrimental impact to the reputation of your company. Here is how:

The code of quick cooling

Fridges and freezers are meant to maintain the temperature food, not cool them down. If you place a vat of hot, steaming sauce into your fridge, it would bring down the internal temperature and possibly ruin any temperature-delicate ingredients.

Potentially hazardous foods need to be kept at the correct temperature to maintain hygiene standards.

The Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code states that it is of the utmost importance to control the temperature of certain foods, as they may form harmful toxins or grow pathogenic micro-organisms if not chilled correctly. This can then either spoil your ingredients, or worse, cause your customers to become ill upon consumption.

The Standards Code gives fish as an example, explaining that specific species needs to be chilled quickly as fresh as possible to prevent the growth of bacteria. Other food types listed are the typical products found in a fridge, such as raw meat, dairy, seafood, processed vegetables, cooked rice and pasta, and sandwiches and quiches that contain these ingredients – if not stored at the correct temperature (below 5 degrees), then it’s considered potentially hazardous and falls in breach of health and safety standards.

A blast chiller allows you to bring foods down to temperature as quick as possible, therefore reducing the time available for any possible bacteria or pathogens to form or multiply. You then know that all the food is safe in your fridge to serve (provided you follow other safe food handling practices), as one bad ingredient can send mould spores into the air of your fridge and affect all other dishes.

Certain types of fish need to be chilled extremely quickly for safe preparation.Certain types of fish need to be chilled extremely quickly for safe preparation.

Chill cooks

Don’t keep your customers waiting with delayed meal preparation – a blast chiller can help. At the start of every business day, your chefs can get all the time-consuming components out of the way with ease. Pastas, vegetables, and even cuts of raw meat can be brought down to fridge temperature in a fraction of the time it would take the food to cool down in the fridge.

Sufficient space for flow of people in and out of the kitchen is extremely important during business hours to prevent complications with heated emotions, stress and restricted movement.

Southeast Queensland Food Safety and Public Health Working Group worked in collaboration to produce a guide on designing food premises. Division 3, clause 3 of the Food Safety Standard 3.2.3 explains that the outcome of your designed premise needs to “provide adequate space for all activities conducted and for all equipment to be used or stored”.

It’s vital for smooth operations in your kitchen when the time comes to serve hungry, expectant customers. The stackable option allows your Friginox commercial equipment to take up less of a footprint, allowing for more space in a busy kitchen.

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