How a Friginox product can save you money

How a Friginox product can save you money
03/11/2016 Moffat Marketing
Kitchens can be hectic places, but it's important to make sure yours is running efficiently.

Commercial equipment, appliances and the processes they facilitate are a huge part of how a modern commercial kitchen operates. As technology has evolved, we've been able to harness the powers of heat and cold in new ways that have allowed for cuisines and styles of cooking that might have seemed like magic a relatively mere 50 years ago.

As an added bonus, products like Moffat's have had an enormous impact on how a kitchen runs in terms of efficiency and cost-savings, which are arguably just as important as the food itself. 

One of the best ways to save money in any commercial kitchen is with a blast chiller or freezer, and the Friginox i-Chilling units are best in show. Here are just a couple of ways they can benefit your business. 

Moffat's appliances focus on helping you and your kitchen reach maximum efficiency.Moffat's appliances focus on helping you and your kitchen reach maximum efficiency.

Time management

"Time is money" may be one of the most commonly used phrases in business, and for good reason. It makes sense that the more you can do in the least amount of time, the better you will perform.

Unilever Food Solutions, one of the world's biggest culinary product companies, applies this to the kitchen in great, simple language, summarising that cutting down on prep time and using good ingredients will drastically lower operating costs, resulting in more profit. 

Friginox i-Chilling freezers have been designed with the utmost efficiency in mind, and are the only product worldwide to utilise a variable cooling system that adapts temperature to product size, weight and even its consistency to ensure results are achieved faster than other units with only one temperature option.

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Waste management

Just as important as being efficient with time in a kitchen is being economical with the food that is being used. Products that go off before being used or that are improperly stored will have to be thrown away. According to a recent survey by Foodwise, Australians throw away nearly 20 per cent of food that they buy – roughly $8 billion worth every year. That kind of waste isn't something you want in your kitchen, and a Friginox i-Chiller can help you to avoid it.

One of the main benefits of a blast freezer is its ability to chill and therefore preserve large quantities of food for longer, but without sacrificing taste or appearance. Pre-prepared food can also be safely stored, and due to the speed of the Friginox, formation of larger ice crystals that can cause products to deteriorate can be prevented.

These are just a couple of the ways that a Friginox can help your business. For more information, get in touch with Moffat today

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