Moffat is an industry leading Australian supplier of commercial bakery equipment and it is the premier choice for Australian retail bakers. We supply all types of bakery equipment including; baking ovens, baking machines, bread making equipment, pastry sheeters, dough mixers, automatic bread slicers, provers, dough rounders, dough dividers and everything needed for almost any world-class artisan, pre-proof, frozen dough and scratch baking applications.

Browse our full range of commercial bakery equipment online by selecting the product that best fits your requirements from the search results below and learn more about its technical features, download a brochure, make a product enquiry, gather CAD files and so much more!

  • OEM  Your Pizza Hub
    OEM BM2NT Pizza Dough Rounder

    OEM BM2NT - Bench Mounted Dough Divider

    Model Number
    W: 475
    D: 475
    H: 765
  • OEM  Your Pizza Hub
    OEM AST Pizza Dough Rounder

    OEM AST - Bench Mounted Dough Rounder

    Model Number
    W: 570
    D: 610
    H: 500
  • OEM  Your Pizza Hub
    OEM BM2AS Pizza Dough Rounder

    OEM BM2AS - Dough Divider and Rounder

    Model Number
    W: 765
    D: 765
    H: 1450