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Creating your own culinary legend needn’t be the drain on resources you might expect. Whether you are transforming your existing food service business or starting from scratch, Moffat Caterent give you the freedom to fulfill your dream with a rental option on the full range of Moffat catering equipment.
It offers you the opportunity to enhance your menu options and business opportunities. Moffat Caterent allows you to have the kitchen you need right away, without compromising quality, or the number of appliances.

Tailored Equipment Finance Solutions

We understand obtaining quality finances can be a timely process and, if often limited in their choice of lenders.
Caterent specialises in tailored equipment finance solutions – offering the ability of obtaining competitive quotes through multiple bands and lenders at the first call, so you have all the necessary information and options in one go.
Through a simple discussion, we are able to inform you of

  • The borrowing capacity of your business for equipment acquisitions
  • A tailored finance product with an indicative payment schedule to suit your needs – short or long term
  • The information required in starting the approval process.

Financial flexibility is essential, and with our unsurpassed panel of funders providing sound knowledge and industry expertise, we can offer extremely competitive tailored finance solutions to help make your finances decisions easy.
Find a flexible and innovative approach to manage your business and contact us for an obligation free consultation today on 1800 023 953.


Waldorf 800 Series 450mm Gas Fryers

Caterent daily:

Convotherm 4 Easy Dial 11 Tray Electric Combination Oven Steamer

Caterent daily:
Convotherm 4 Easy Dial 10.10 combi steamer

Daub Fully Automatic Bun Divider Rounder

Caterent daily:
Daub bun divider

Washtech High Professional Pass Through Dishwasher

Caterent daily:

Turbofan 4 Tray Electric Convection Oven

Caterent daily:
Turbofan Convection Oven

Blue Seal Evolution Series 4 Burner Cooktop

Caterent daily:
Blue Seal Gas Cooktop