Bakeries have unique operating requirements and specialty equipment, with more floor space dedicated to the production kitchen compared to restaurants and cafés. Quality baking equipment should provide bakers with the opportunity to future-proof their business, while also providing high-quality goods to their customers today.

At Moffat, we don’t just help you set up your bakery business – we help you do it better, and do it for less. If you’re setting up a new business, expanding an existing bakery, or upgrading your operations, we have the equipment to suit your needs and budget. From independent retail bakeries and pastry cafes to large production bakery wholesale and bread manufacturers, we supply the latest technology and the widest range of commercial bakery equipment so you can get it right, the first time.

Whether you’re baking artisan baguettes or fluffy white bread rolls, you need equipment that is backed by experts in baking and other foodservice disciplines, to help you make the most of it. Moffat provides 24/7 after-sales support and maintenance, making our products the best investment you can make in your business.


Rack Ovens

Rack ovens can produce a range of baked goods faster, use less labour and energy than most other types of ovens. A commercial rack oven is a standard radiant oven with a high-speed fan added to force air around the oven cavity, allowing hot air to circulate more evenly, and a rack assembly with shelves that roll into the oven.
Rack ovens are high-volume production ovens, making them an efficient choice for bakers who need to get large quantities of goods baked at the same time. They are perfect for baking bread rolls, meat pies, baguettes, Danish pastries, croissants, and more.

Deck Ovens

Deck ovens offer flexibility and are great for smaller product runs, making them ideal for smaller bakery operations and artisan bakeries, where volume is not the primary concern. Commercial deck ovens are relatively inexpensive to purchase and can be sized or stacked to meet your existing and future needs. Moffat carries Tagliavini and Rotel deck ovens which offer energy efficiency and individual controls for each deck, so you can bake different items at the same time.
Deck ovens are popular in bakery cafes, restaurants, hotels, prisons, TAFE colleges, pie shops, and patisseries. If you will be needing to bake bread direct on the sole of the oven, a deck oven is a perfect choice.

Combi Ovens

Combination ovens produce high-quality proteins and vegetables by efficiently injecting steam, ensuring better consistency, flavour, and moisture retention in the finished product. Combi steam ovens have multi-step functionality, allowing you to create melt-in-your-mouth meals.


Bun Divider Rounder

Every bakery, large or small, needs a bun divider rounder. A bun divider rounder divides a large amount of dough into smaller, perfectly rounded pieces, to be used for bread rolls or buns. They can usually produce around 30 pieces per operation.
Finding the right commercial divider rounder to suit your business can be confusing. Important things to consider are energy efficiency (in particular, does the motor automatically cut off when not in use?), the accuracy of divisions, ease of operation, and output capacity.  Moffat carries two bun dividers - Daub and Paramount.

The market leader, DAUB, has both semi and fully-automatic models available to suit small to mid-size bakeries and higher-volume production. Both models are made from heavy-duty construction and designed for retail use and can produce 30 pieces per operation. The Paramount semi-automatic bun divider performs the same functions as more expensive machines but will suit small bakeries looking for an affordable alternative, making it perfect for startups and artisan operations.

Dough Moulder

Dough moulders enable you to achieve greater consistency than moulding by hand, and the Australian-designed Versatile bread moulder by Moffat is a popular choice. Designed with safety as a priority, this moulder is all about ease of operation. It features four pieces fitted as standard, loaf guides fitted for loaf uniformity, coloured stop and start buttons, and non-stick moulding belts.

The Moffat dough moulder is a good option for any bakery and a safer choice than imported equipment which can lack appropriate operator guarding systems.

Dough Dividers

Hydraulic dough dividers are incredibly useful for larger bakeries looking to save on time and labour. As some dough types can withstand more handling than others, it’s best to choose a divider with adjustable compression. Moffat carries two ranges in this category: DAUB and Paramount.

Dough dividers are available with a round or square chamber, optional dividing grids are available with the square chamber model depending on your needs. When considering dough dividers, think about both quality and cleaning time. Dough dividers can give you a better-finished product, and reduce the labour required to produce a soft loaf of bread.


Commercial dough mixers can be broken down into two basic categories: The planetary mixer and the spiral mixer.

Planetary mixers

Using planetary mixing action, these mixers ensure all the contents within the bowl are reached with each revolution. Most of the better-quality commercial mixers also have an optional bowl scraper, which assists in reducing mix times.

Commercial mixer motors vary in terms of horsepower, and there are plenty of options to suit a baker’s needs. Moffat supplies two products in this category. The premium brand is Bear Varimixer, which ranges in size from 10 to 200 litre mixing capacity. Bear Varimixers are operator controlled variable speed, allowing you to select the perfect mixing speed for your product.

Moffat also carries the Paramount range of planetary mixers. These mixers range in size from 20 to 80 litre bowl capacity, and are fitted with a 15-minute timer, wire safety guard, and three fixed-speed controls. A Paramount planetary mixer is a good option for bakeries that don’t require an industrial-style mixer. They are excellent for mixing cake batters or whipping cream, and can produce smaller runs of high-quality bread.

Spiral Mixer

The spiral mixer is primarily used for high-volume dough preparation in large or central kitchens. Unlike the planetary mixer, the spiral mixer rotates the bowl while the dough hook spins in a fixed position.
One advantage of the spiral mixer is that it develops the dough at a much faster rate, and at a lower temperature, than the planetary mixer. To produce high-quality doughs, you need a spiral mixer with two speeds and a bowl reverse function. Spiral mixers can produce large batches faster, and with less labour.
Moffat carries a range of spiral mixers, including Sottoriva, Spiroforce, Paramount, and OEM.

Dough and Pastry Sheeters

Used in the production of pastries and sweet goods, and to remove the gas from yeasted dough or to fold croissants, a dough or pastry sheeter is an essential piece of commercial bakery equipment. Dough sheeters roll and layer dough into specific shapes and thicknesses, using a set of rollers with a consistently decreasing gap.
Moffat carries a range of dough sheeters to suit any budget. The premium sheeter, RONDO, is light years ahead of their competitors in terms of build quality and technology, with worldwide sales suggesting that many bakeries see value in this investment.

Flamic sheeters are a mid-priced option, ideal for pastry shops, small bakeries, delicatessens, and pizzerias. These sheeters have a conveyor belt width of 500 - 700mm, and are available in fixed or variable speed.

Moffat also carries Paramount sheeters, which are fitted with forward and reverse hand and foot operating controls. They also come with safety guards and an emergency stop button.


This is a combination dough conditioning cabinet which retards the rising of dough using refrigeration, then commences the heated proof cycle as required. The retarder prover allows the baker to prepare products ahead of time, giving greater flexibility in working hours, and when used correctly can deliver a high-quality finished product that has been prepared the day before.

Moffat carries two manufacturers in this category. The premium French-made Pani Clima retarder/provers are made from high-density insulated panels with PVC coating or full stainless-steel construction, and are fitted with an ultrasonic humidification system for perfect humidity control. Air is recycled when the refrigerating unit or resistors are shut down and pre-programmed fermentation cycles begin, effectively allowing the baker to start work later.

The Paramount is a great budget option that uses the more traditional method of a tank of boiling water to produce steam. These are available in reach in or roll in cabinet options, with multiple rack configurations possible.


There are three factors to consider when choosing the right bread slicer for your business: flexibility, blade type, and output. Think about whether your business is a wholesale or retail operation, and what type of bread you are slicing - soft bread, or sourdough with a crust?

Moffat’s range of Silhouette and Curlflow bread slicers are designed for the Australian commercial bakery market. They feature long-stroke slicing technology using a treadle drive system, and produce a quieter and smoother operation with reduced vibration. Moffat also carries the Paramount bread slicer range, these are popular in bakeries and will perform most slicing tasks well.


There are two types of water chillers available on the market. Storage-style tank units are a cheaper option and easier to use, while flow-through chillers offer greater flexibility as water temperature can be adjusted quickly by incorporating an external doser or blender. Most bakeries can function well with whichever water chiller best suits their budget.


Dishwasher and pot washer machines can be used in any commercial bakery. Australian & New Zealand Food Safety standards require all utensils and food contact surfaces to be immersed in water at a minimum temperature of 82°C for at least 30 seconds. The Washtech PW1 and PW2 front-loading warewashers can wash bakery trays, wires and bowls, making them a great option.

Looking to buy commercial bakery equipment for your business? Get in touch with our expert sales team for assistance to find the right equipment for your needs.

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