Aladdin Temp-Rite - Cook / Serve Equipment

Because we have continued to evolve our technology to meet the ever-changing challenges of meal delivery, Aladdin's traditional pellet systems remain the leading experts in cook-serve foodservice applications.
With the outstanding advances in our patented Heat On Demand technology and Insul-Max, our clients are able to keep meals hotter for longer than ever before and serve them with the aesthetic appeal of a home-cooked meal. This exceptional Heat On Demand meal delivery systems feature a unique heat induction process that requires just one activator that is ready to go with one push of a button and transfers heat in just 19 seconds into the core of the Heat on Demand base. While the exterior of the base remains cool to the touch, the hot interior maintains hot food temperatures during meal delivery.  And the Insul-Max pellet base system offers advanced heat-retention capability due to the tough temperate storage material used in the pellet base, which can be heated to a hotter temperature than conventional bases.