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    3 things to look out for in your commercial warewasher

    In a commercial kitchen, the small details can result in massive setbacks. Stay on top of your warewashing needs with these…

  • Washtech polish free try before you buy promotion

    Polish Free Glasswashing – try before you buy

    Say goodbye to hand polishing to glasses with Washtech’s range of polish free glasswashing solutions! In many common cases, glasses…

  • SEED Certified Dishwashers with even higher performance

    A NEW Way With Certified Washtech Passthrough Dishwashers!

    Washtech’s strategy is to continually meet engineering and design standards so their products are certified for local councils/authorities. Our Washtech…

  • Washtech Passthrough Dishwashers

    Washtech Dishwashers: Water & Energy Efficent

  • Washtech Passthrough Dishwashers

    Sustainability: How Washtech saves water and your wallet

    Sustainability in the kitchen is crucial. Invest in an efficient Washtech dishwasher to save more on your operating cost and the…

  • Dishwashing Solutions

    Efficient and Ergonomic Dishwashing Solutions

    Moffat supplied Latrobe Hospital with a new dishwashing system which has brought efficiency and ergonomics to the washing up process.…

  • Serve delicious meals in dishes that are spick and span with Washtech.

    Worry no more with Washtech

    A busy commercial kitchen calls for top-quality, efficient equipment. A dishwasher is one of them, so take a look at…

  • Caterent

    Caterent – “The right equipment – right now”

  • The Washtech range delivers a new standard in performance, functionality and choice in our commercial dishwasher range.

    Listen, learn and improve…time and time again

    The Washtech range delivers a high standard in performance, functionality and choice in our commercial dishwasher range. We understand everything we…

  • Wexiodisk range of passthrough dishwashers.

    Only one litre of fresh water per cycle – WD-6 DUPLUS model

    The Wexiodisk range of passthrough dishwashers is designed to cope with even the most demanding environments. With a series of…

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