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  • Find out how the Turbofan holding cabinet can benefit your operations.

    How has the food delivery trend changed the way we eat?

    Are you struggling to meet the demands of popular food delivery apps? Find out how the Turbofan holding cabinet can…

  • Fine Food What to expect

    What to expect at the Moffat Stand in Fine Food Australia 2018

  • Find out how you can cook perfectly baked goods with Turbofan.

    Why kitchen life is easier with a Turbofan

    If you're looking to diversify your menu creation and appeal to more audiences, the Turbofan 30 Series is a range…


    Just Add Water

    Moffat and Washtech are now official suppliers to Emirates Team New Zealand. This commitment is now in full flight as…

  • Create the perfect Fried Chicken using the Turbofan Oven

    Turbofan Ovens: Create the Best Fried Chicken!

    Want to take advantage of the latest #friedchicken foodie trend? But you’re lacking in space and prep-time, then our Turbofan Ovens…

  • Looking from the inside out – the reliability of Turbofan ovens can make the difference in any kitchen

    There are lots of reasons to love Turbofan convection ovens, but if we had to pick one as the most…

  • turbofan combi

    In Our 40’s – New Turbofan 40 Series Combi Steamer Range

    The Turbofan’s consistent performance, compact footprint and many innovative features have been hugely popular in recent years. Now, with the…

  • Commercial Kitchen Design

    It’s all about the Kitchen – the Heart and Soul

    When Melbourne chef, Scott Pickett, was looking to expand his restaurant range he never imagined that a vacant space would…

  • The Turbofan range are master bakers!

    Which kinds of products can be cooked in the Turbofan E33D5 and E33T5?

    The Turbofan family of convection ovens are some of the best in the business. The E33D5 and E33T5 are two of…

  • Turbofan Bolt

    Turbofan Bolt – with great power comes great irresistibility

    Introducing the two Turbofan Bolt E33 convection ovens. They’re versatile, powerful and cost-effective with exceptional productivity, incredibly valuable to the modern commercial…

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