• Improving commercial refrigeration systems before the hot Australian summer gets into full swing is essential!

    Improving commercial refrigeration in the summer with Moffat

    Improving commercial refrigeration could dually improve your summer energy bills. Here are some tips on how to make your summer…

  • Need to improve commercial kitchen energy bills this summer? We can help!

    Keep energy bills low in your commercial kitchen this summer

    The Australian summer heat isn't just uncomfortable for you, but your commercial kitchen appliances as well! Here's how you can…

  • The Moffat IQ team are here to answer your questions.

    Moffat IQ | Expert Advice & Demonstrations

    Moffat IQ is a free service designed to provide chefs and business owners with any expert advice that they might…

  • Kitchens can be hectic places, but it's important to make sure yours is running efficiently.

    How a Friginox product can save you money

    From managing time to managing waste, it's crucial to run an efficient kitchen if you want to maximise your profits. Friginox…

  • 5 Ways a Blast Chiller/Freezer Can Save You Money

    The hospitality industry operates with incredibly tight margins, and as a chef, manager or owner, it’s important to continually identify…

  • Do you know how to look after and maintain your Friginox equipment?

    Cleaning and caring tips for your chilling equipment

    Keeping your Friginox commercial kitchen equipment in best conditions is important for hygiene and safety standards. Learn how to do…

  • Have your cheesecake ready to serve in a fraction of the time with a Friginox blast chiller.

    The quickest no-bake cheesecake recipe with Friginox

    Learn how a Friginox blast chiller will help you bake a cheesecake in record time! It sets your dessert at the…

  • Friginox can help you to chill fish at the correct temperature for safe eating.

    How can Friginox products help with food safety standards?

    Learn how a Friginox commercial blast chiller or freezer can help you keep to the guidelines of Australian food health…

  • Here is how Friginox blast chillers can help you deliver consistent pastry desserts for your business.

    How can Friginox help you to create the perfect pastry for your bakery?

    Do you wish you could pump out consistent pastry products for your bakery? Well you can with a Friginox blast chiller!…

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