Moffat Connection
We welcome you to our spring edition of Moffat Connection 2014 to share with you the news bulletin for the food industry around the world.

In this edition we feature a whole raft of...
combi oven
Anyone who has ever worked with a Convotherm combi-steamer oven knows how our pioneering catering...
Moffat Sydney
We are pleased to announce Moffat’s new Sydney office in Rydalmere.
Our team has moved to a new office in South Street, the perfect location to meet and...
combi oven infographic
Whether you are serving in a small A-la Carte operation (10 - 25 patrons/hr), a general kitchen (25 - 50 patrons/hr) or a banquet/production kitchen (75+ patrons/hr) Moffat have a combi-steamer oven...
Moffat Connection
We welcome you to our Autumn edition of the Moffat Connection...
commercial deep fryer
Blue Seal has long been recognised for the quality and performance of its Fryers. The Blue Seal Evolution Series takes this a stage further with a sleeker, more streamlined Fryer range –...
bakery oven
In February 2012, Moffat joined...
Commercial dishwasher
Moffat is very excited to announce that they will now be distributing a premium range of commercial warewashing dishwashers from established Swedish manufacturers,...
commercial dishwasher

Wexiödisk’s innovative and sustainable pre-rinse machine WD-PRM6 was awarded at the CESA Conference in association with the FCSI and BHA at the Savill Court Hotel & Spa in...

rack conveyor

The new generation of rack conveyor dishwashers for medium size kitchens – WD-ICS+

Wexiodisk offers top quality, economical rack conveyor machines designed to suit any...