bakery oven
In February 2012, Moffat joined...
Commercial dishwasher
Moffat is very excited to announce that they will now be distributing a premium range of commercial warewashing dishwashers from established Swedish manufacturers,...
commercial dishwasher

Wexiödisk’s innovative and sustainable pre-rinse machine WD-PRM6 was awarded at the CESA Conference in association with the FCSI and BHA at the Savill Court Hotel & Spa in...

rack conveyor

The new generation of rack conveyor dishwashers for medium size kitchens – WD-ICS+

Wexiodisk offers top quality, economical rack conveyor machines designed to suit any...
Commercial dishwasher
The Wexiodisk range of passthrough dishwashers is designed to cope with even the most demanding environments. With a series of technical features to improve the working environment for its user, it...
commercial deep fryer
The centrepiece, the constant and the workhorse - introducing the all new CF2.

Subway award

Business relationships are not built in a day - and they can only truly thrive with a continued commitment to high standards of service.

Which is why it was significant...
moffat ovens
Moffat welcomes you to our new range of Blue Seal S Line compact combi ovens, designed to cater for common foods in your restaurant, café and almost any application!

It’s no...
Commercial dishwasher
The Washtech range now delivers a new standard in performance, functionality and choice in our new commercial dishwasher range.

We understand everything we do must focus...
Ice cream equipment
Introducing our latest Ice Cream & Gelato brochure, browse...