Polish Free Glasswashing – try before you buy

Polish Free Glasswashing – try before you buy
24/07/2017 Moffat Marketing
Washtech polish free try before you buy promotion

Say goodbye to hand polishing to glasses with Washtech’s range of polish free glasswashing solutions!

In many common cases, glasses are washed in a glasswasher or dishwasher but requires the additional effort by your staff to wipe and remove any water streaks left behind to give the ‘crystal clean’ finish.

The benefits of polish free glasswashing:

  • significant labour savings of 2 hours plus per day (for a 100 seat restaurant)
  • minimise breakages of valuable glassware
  • protect staff from injury, and reduce the inconvenience of absent staff
  • create a higher standard of consistently clean glassware
  • improve hygiene levels – no more dirty and dusty cloths used to polish glasses

‘Try before you buy’ offer

Washtech now offers a system that compliments our existing range of undercounter glasswashers and you can now try it out obligation FREE for 1 month.

What we supply:

  • Washtech premium A-Type undercounter glasswasher (GL or UL – also available in black)
  • Reverse Osmosis System (BA12 RO)
  • RO balanced chemicals at NO CHARGE during the trial

For a limited time only based on stock available, so if you would like to try it out – simply just fill in the form below.

Terms & Conditions

  • System price agreed prior to commencement
  • Moffat will invoice the client automatically at the end of the trial – unless the results are less than expected
  • The customer agrees to provide all services*
  • The trial period is for one month from date of installation
  • Adequate space is available for all equipment
  • Adequate drying space is available

*Services Required

  • Washtech glasswasher – 3 phase, 6kW power
  • RO unit – 240V, single phase, 10amp power
  • Cold water at 15 litres minute flow rate
  • Waste spigot


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