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Choosing equipment that's compatible where there's little or no assembly required. A simple and effective system of cooking, one that could fit in most size kitchens from small restaurants to cafes and takeaway joints. The limits are only in your imagination. The three core Cobra concepts in the development and design of each piece are functionality, reliability and most of all affordability. The Cobra commercial kitchen range offers the essential solution for a busy modern-day kitchen that could grow with you. The key to success in business big or small is simplicity. A good starter combo would involve a cooktop, an oven and a deep fryer. The Cobra essential range also includes salamanders, griddle toasters and gas barbecues. Use a brand that is well trusted with a proven record of its reliability and durability. The Cobra range will not disappoint.


To see the big picture, it is all about how small pieces are fitted in. Turbofan combi's refined design and features meant power does not have to be compromised in the pursuit of lowering cost. And the sophisticated outer shell means it no longer has to be tuck away like any traditional combi ovens. Proudly display it in the open kitchen to impress restaurant goers. The Turbofan 40 series is packed with intuitive functionality and raw power that is hard to match particularly with the compact 812 mm-wide footprints. Manual control gives operators a straightforward simplicity, while the digital control has a hassle-free with the Touch and Cook program preset. Both control features the same innovative Ecospeed system, which automatically calibrates the power levels based on the amount of food in the cooking chamber. Regardless of which model that is most suitable for your needs, you will not be disappointed with this powerful work-horse from Turbofan Combi.
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In the modern day food scenes, we are used to "eat with our eyes" first. The sensational flavours of a dish are as important as the theatrical appeal that a contemporary kitchen shares with its audience. See the beauty within! Blue Seal Evolution series had been completely re-designed. It is not only about the good streamlined design on the outside. It is now with more functionalities and more configuration options to choose from. Blue Seal Evolution series delivers high performance with 22 MJ open burners with a seamless surface, which allows chefs to utilise every inch of space in the contemporary kitchen. And a smoother workflow when units are placed in a line-up. Sliding pots and pans around during service time is a breeze. It is surely evolutionary with the right mix of equipment to make a chef's life easier. Blue Seal Evolution provided solutions from cooktops, griddles, bratt pans to deep fryers and pasta cookers.
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Nothing comes close to match the smarts found in the new Convotherm mini range. Minimum space without compromising performance, that is the moto in the development of the Convotherm Mini range. It is a combi steamer oven that is designed to produce incredible power while occupying an extremely compact footprint. With the width of only 51.5 cm, this mini combi range is perfect to fit in confined commercial kitchen space. The entire range comes with easyTouch control panel, cooking programs such as convection, super-heated steam and steam to select from. It is hard to believe it's energy consumption is also kept to the minimal. From the Advanced Closed System that ensures each result are as good as the one before, to the seamless navigation to select and store your cooking programs, the Convotherm mini range will help you capture the big ideas for you and your business. Check out the Special deal and Free starter pan kit when you buy a combi today!
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Cook, bake, roast, hold and even steam; Turbofan Convection Oven systems are simply different! The range had been re-developed and the new designs are a result of a series of more durable convection ovens that has more applications and are easier to use. The Turbofan 20 and 30 series now feature a knob control, giving operators the precision for accuracy. Baking or roasting evenly the first time and every time with the bi-directional fan system. It creates a higher volume of airflow within the cooking chamber and across the trays. The best of all is that they all stack up! Turbofan recognises the modern kitchen's space is scarce and the capacity needed to be increased within the same footprint. Each unit are stackable giving more flexibility to the lineup. Guaranteed there will be an oven suitable for any baker or chefs!


Who said fast food can't be good food? Let Merrychef eikon's oven range demonstrate how fast it could prepare restaurant-quality food with lightening cooking time and ultra-high energy efficiency for any cooking professionals. The eikon range's compact size is ideal for quick service restaurants, bistros, kiosks or even hotels due to its compact size and the "plug and play" capability. With its very easy to use icon-driven menu on the easyTouch touchscreen interface, Merrychef's range speeds up service time and enhance customer experience, regardless of the experience level of the operator. The improved safety "cool-to-touch" feature, means the high-speed oven chamber stays hot within and cool on the outside, minimising risk in a fast pace kitchen. Flavour transfer is also minimised due to the low oxygen level within the chambers, meaning different ingredients can be cooked at the same time. Make your imagination a reality on your menu. Take advantage by choosing Merrychef's oven's precise power levels and explore the endless possibilities.

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