Combi-Steamer Ovens

For decades Moffat has earned a great reputation for delivering high-quality, durable and versatile combi-steamer oven solutions in the Australian market and have recently raised the bar with a re-launch of two flagship brands - Convotherm 4 and Blue Seal Sapien

Choose the right combi-steamer oven for your kitchen:

  • Your choice of touch screen or manual mode control panel.
  • Choose your method of vapour generation, whether it be boiler system or direct steam injection. The boiler models use a steam generator and in the direct steam mode, water is injected into a heating element creating steam in the oven chamber.
  • Size selection is based on your formula of cooking mode requirements, menu options, the amount of patrons per hour, available space in the kitchen and budget. Determine if you require a 56, 7, 10, 11, 1420, 22, 24 or 40 trays to match your capacity requirements.
  • Perhaps you require a mobile unit or a mini galley kitchen. See our Portable and Mini-Series range



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