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Combi Washer

Wexiödisks WD-12 and WD-90DUO, flexible combi-dishwasher solutions that wash both heavily solid loads and normal loads with perfection. 

Its robust basic design, which makes use of the best components and materials, guarantees reliable operation for many years to come.

Through Swedish engineering the machine has been awarded with a number of innovative solutions. The automatic hood lift, adjustable rinsing pressure and foldable shelf makes the machine versatile with easy operation and a performance optimised for all types of loads - a unique machine suitable for the most demanding of customers.

  • Wexiodisk Dishwashing Equipment
    industrial dishwasher

    Wexiodisk WD-90 DUO - Efficient Combi...

    Model Number
    WD-90 DUO
    W: 850
    D: 998
    H: 1719
  • Wexiodisk Dishwashing Equipment

    Wexiodisk WD-12 - Combi Dishwasher

    Model Number
    W: 1200
    D: 775
    H: 2440